"I've described myself as 'a maker of things' and this journey with clay is a continuation of my desire to make things."
Photographed by John Cummings

13"H x 14"W x 10.5"D

Porcelain and Stoneware on an acrylic base

This piece is a remembrance of a trip to Paris where I sought out the Laduree Patisserie and their famed macarons. In the bag a map of Paris and the Zagat guide. Fluer de sel I brought back for friends.


Artist Statement

While working with the artist, Sylvia Hyman, I became intrigued with trompe l'oeil sculpture. I became fascinated with the idea of telling stories through clay. I love the simplicity and beauty of everyday objects: boxes, bottles, books, letters, trinkets. To create them in clay and arrange them in a narrative fashion delights me. I love the attention to detail; to shapes, textures and colors. It is both challenging and rewarding to see a piece come together and to know that I've succeeded in finding a story within the commonplace.


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